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Dan's PhD research focused on the use of Solvate Ionic Liquids (SILs) for organic transformations. SILs are comprised of a lithium ion chelated by a glyme group and a chafe diffuse anion. Previously, they have been shown to be excellent candidates for electrolytes in batteries, but no investigations into their influence of synthetic chemical reactions existed. Dan's research began with the characterisation of the physical chemical properties of these solvents, which include measures or hydrogen bond donating/accepting abilities and their Lewis acidity (Kamlet-Taft parameters and Gutmann Acceptor number, respectively). These SILs were also shown to be advantages for use as reaction media for electrocyclic Diels Alder reactions and the Kabachnik-Fields reaction.
Dan's postdoctoral research has focused on the surface modification of carbon fibres to enhance interfacial adhesion in composite materials. This includes supporting matrices such as epoxy, vinyl ester, polyamide and polyurethane. These improvements in interfacial adhesion have been achieved either through the synthesis of target compounds that have been grafted to the surface, the further elaboration of surface grafted compounds and/or the grafting of polymers to improve fibre to matrix interaction.

Published Work

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